What ages you more: 500 calories of almonds, or 100 calories of fruit/bread?

Or analogously, 2500 calories from nuts/day (not remotely calorie restricted) vs 1500 calories from bread/fruit where you get a lot of glucose spiking (which also spike inflammation like NfkB levels)

Co-administering calories with antioxidants reduces a lot of the postprandial stress…

ALSO especially re-answer this question when a person takes rapamycin

I have no idea, but I’d guess bread/fruit would age you much more, all things being equal.

High glucose/insulin (Cmax an/or AUC) is associated with lower longevity vs the lower glycemic load of protein/fat in nuts. Namely, more diabetic phenotype.

Btw 2500 calories of Almonds is super massive OMEGA-6, very inflammatory, associated with reduced longevity. You are crushing the OMEGA-3/OMEGA-6 ratio. Akin to a seed oil bolus.

I got a CRP test the DAY after I ate 2500 calories of almonds and it was 0.03. Almonds are full of other anti-inflammatory factors

I also just ate 4800 calories of nuts (1.875 lbs) yesterday. I hate my nut binges, I really do, but they seem to be producing little consequence in me. At least they happen on occasion.

Bread increases NfkB like crazy

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The human physiological requirement (RDA if you like) for carbohydrate is…ZERO.

In the absence of dietary carbohydrate, de novo synthesis of glucose requires amino acids derived from the hydrolysis of endogenous or dietary protein or glycerol derived from fat. This is evolutionarily conserved.

I eat nuts daily as well in support my ketogenic diet, but never such massive quantity in one shot!

Although one might argue they are almost (maybe they are as a food group?) a perfect food…plant fat/protein/carb/minerals. I see the nutty attraction.

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Providing your BMI is in the healthy range and mineral requirements are met there is no proven benefit of any specific diet.

The more pertinent question is, are you doing >4 hours Z2 per week?

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Yes BMI would be a confounder, but the SAD (Standard American Diet), rich in refined carbs and devoid of nuts, has been shown to lower lifespan (studies comparing various diets, including carbohydrate quality and plant based proteins/fats).

Its a misconception that fats like from nuts are somehow a lot better than carbs because most people in keto-mindset compare high GI carbs with fats. If you consider more primitive times where carbs from roots or plants were bound with resistant starches and fiber, its a different story. All macronutrients increase aging to some degree,

So if you eat much more calories in healthy fats it will increase aging more than less calories of healthy carbs. BUT if its toxic carbs like refined sugary products itll produce more damage in proportion to its calories.

^these im concerned about

Still, I ate 1500 calories of almonds yesterday several days after eating 4800 calories mixed nuts. I’m back at 100 lbs [103 after water). I gained like, 0 weight from these nut binges (but my binges were way worse late December, where they increased my BP for a while)