Wart on the foot - hold off on rapa while treating it?

I’ve developed a wart on the bottom of my foot. I can’t even remember the last time I had a wart, and I don’t know how long it will take to make it go away. Should I stop taking rapa while I’m treating it? Anyone else have experience with warts while taking rapa?

I think it might be the opposite and rapamycin wouldn’t hurt or might prove to be beneficial.

Conversion to sirolimus was followed by a rapid improvement of cutaneous state suggesting that this strategy may be useful for recalcitrant cutaneous viral warts in transplant recipient.

This evidence along with other case reports suggest that conversion to sirolimus may be considered as an effective strategy in cases of giant or multiple viral warts in kidney and perhaps other transplant recipients.

change of immunosuppressive treatment to sirolimus produced dramatic improvement in the elimination of verruca warts.


I had a plantar wart for years, tried all the home remedies (cold spray, salicylic acid, cutting it ) several times but it disappeared now (1 year on rapamycin)


I think this is about ROS in the cytosol]. If cells can generate their own ROS then you get less infection eg warts.

I had also one plantar wart I was fighting for more than a decade, tried every home solution, even a more drastic like 5-fluorouracil. Nothing worked. Now after 6 months on rapamycin last week it suddenly became white, today i wanted to scratch it a bit, noticed that it is really crumbly and it basically fell off. Would not believe it I wouldn’t see it. Now I am just hoping that it is gone forever. :sweat_smile: