Warning for Rapamycin skin creme on transdermal HRT

I think well … in short: as the creme thickens the skin and any penetration method (DMSO or Transcutol) will alter the skin, it is logic that less transdermal solution will pass the skin barrier.

In my case: my blood estrogene is just like it is WITHOUT HRT (60-70pg/ml), but I’m supplementing a lot (should be above 150 at this huge amount!!!)

So this is the ONLY explanaition I can imagine at the moment because if I use the e2 creme on a place there I don’t use my rapa creme, my blood estrogene rises A LOT.

So if you’re on a HRT, just make sure you’re using the creme/spray on a area where you don’t use the rapamycin skin creme.

If someone is using rapa skin creme and HRT creme/spray without problems, please let me know.