Voting Rapamycin or Metformin for anti-aging

In the new discussion with Andrew Huberman, Peter explains why he thinks that the original Metformin study’s conclusion that Metformin being antiaging, was interpreted incorrectly.


Metformin is being trashed a bit to much unfortunately. If you are pre diabetic (if you are 75+ you are very likely to be) or diabetic, metformin just works, and works quick to bring the blood sugar level down. The effect of Metformin to blunt prostate cancer is well documented. If you are a middle aged or aged man, Metformin is probably one of the best things you can treat yourself with.


Personally I don’t trash Metformin, but I think the reports which are taken to indicate it has longevity merits (separate to its benefits for diabetics) are I think basically wrong. That is not to say it has a longevity disbenefit, but I don’t as it stands see a reliable analysis that indicates it has benefits.

We know it has disbenefits when it comes to getting the benefits of exercise.

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The advantage of metformin for humans is that, per kilogram of body weight, human eats significantly less but consumes significantly more oxygen than a mouse

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Pleasantly surprised by the voting.

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@Goran I would question you Metformin recommendation. Not sure there is evidence to support your claims.

Subsequently, the randomized trials of metformin for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and as adjuvant therapy for the treatment of various cancers, advanced or metastatic, did not find reductions in cancer incidence or outcomes.

Rather, individuals at the highest risk for developing diabetes-i.e., those with FPG concentrations of 110-125 mg/dL (6.1-6.9 mmol/L) or A1C levels of 6.0-6.4% (42-46 mmol/mol) or women with a history of gestational diabetes mellitus-should be followed closely and metformin immediately introduced only when they are diagnosed with diabetes.


So you agree with this author that you should wait until you get a actual diabetes diagnosis until taking Metformin? I can safely say that will not be me following that advice.
As we are throwing out links to research papers here to prove a point, here is a few from me:

Metformin regulates multiple signaling pathways within castration-resistant human prostate cancer cells | BMC Cancer | Full Text.
Current Status and Application of Metformin for Prostate Cancer: A Comprehensive Review - PMC

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I can’t tell whether poll voters are in the business of getting both abroad or not, which would make the price gap unimportant, as you mention. But if you try to get them straight here, in Europe, my guess is there are far more physicians willing to prescribe you metformin off label than rapamycin. In Spain, it depends on the phamacist to get metformin without prescription straight away, but it is a no-go with rapa. My Pzifer Rapamune comes from Turkey, now Türkiye.

Still another marriage of old drugs/supplements to get a patent. I suggest just taking some galantamine with your metformin.

“RJx-01, a proprietary combination drug comprised of metformin and galantamine”

Galantamine is a nootropic supplement that is available without a prescription in the U.S.
Galantamine is on my shelf and frankly, I use it occasionally for fun. It is used by many for “lucid” dreaming.

You don’t have to use it for lucid dreaming. I don’t even know if it works for that. But it definitely will make your dreams more colorful in a dose-dependent manner. For the best results, it is taken during the night when you wake up to go to the bathroom. etc. If you take it during the day it is a little like taking noopept. I may start taking it before my workouts to see if there is any benefit.

The only place I know where to get it at this time is Amazon and eBay.

“These results show that galantamine increases the frequency of lucid dreams in a dose-related manner. Furthermore, the integrated method of taking galantamine in the last third of the night with at least 30 minutes of sleep interruption and with an appropriately focused mental set is one of the most effective methods for inducing lucid dreams available today.”

“Galantamine is a tertiary alkaloid in nature. It was characterized in the early 1950s and extracted from plant sources, such as Galanthus nivalis. Initially, galantamine was studied in neuropathic and paralytic conditions, including post-polio paralytic conditions, myopathies, and reversal of neuromuscular blockade”

Galantamine - StatPearls - NCBI Bookshelf.

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The “author” is the American Diabetes Association “. They might know something about diabetes? Metformin is not preventing diabetes, it is merely hiding the hyperglycemia. You’re welcome to treat yourself. I’ll join you if the TAME trial shows something worthwhile.

There has been numerous papers published showing positive outcomes on use of Metformin for sarcopenia, now sarcopenia is not cause of death for most patients so you could not say that it has a longevity effect on this disease, but the positives for health span is huge.


I vote for taking both!


I have a very strong family history of diabetes and my A1C became borderline about 10- 15 years ago. I started Metformin and have been on 850 mg twice a day for some time. Additionally to diet and exercise it helped to keep my A1C around 5.4- 5.5.
It is a good medication for some people with diabetes, borderline/elevated A1C, strong family history of diabetes. I was hoping for the longevity benefit, but have to wait for TAME study results.


I’ve heard Rhonda Patrick say that in people that exercise regularly, there is no added benefit to taking Metformin.


If you are diabetic or pre diabetic there is always a benefit to taking Metformin. They say diabetes will subtract 6 years from your life. Metformin will give you back 4 years. If you are diabetic or pre diabetic, it’s a no brainer.

Now, what if your diabetes is caused by Rapa? I’d argue that you will still need that Metformin. It is possible that Rapa diabetes could completely nullify any gains from Rapamycin without the use of Metformin.

Diabetic mice on Rapamycin die faster than the control without Rapamycin.


That’s pure speculation and opinion.

Why do you say that? She made that statement while naming several studies.

Your points make sense, but don’t necessarily require Metformin. There are plenty of way to reduce blood sugar. Maybe SGLT2 would be better?

There a great article about Rapa and hyperglycemia. I know @RapAdmin has posted it before.

Fasting and rapamycin: diabetes versus benevolent glucose intolerance

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True, there’s more than one way to skin a cat… or to mitigate diabetes.

Because I didn’t think she made a convincing argument.
I am sorry I posted. I am really, really sick of the metformin arguments, pros and cons.
If you like it take it. If you think it’s worthless don’t take it.