happening Jan/Feb 2024

you don’t have to be there for an entire month (they’ll prioritize people who stay monthlong but they’ll allow others to come)

I’m unsure on coming, there wasn’t much on Roatan when I was there in 2022… This is being widely advertised now, so there are more people, but


“What caveat should I be prepared for?
One annoyance on Roatan beaches and areas close by are: sandflies
These don’t hurt and aren’t dangerous, but itch a lot”

Nope, won’t be doing that. :rofl:

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It’s nice to see another experiment like this happening after the success of Zuzalu. It’s unlikely I will be there though.

I am not myself persuaded that these experiments in terms of a regulatory environment are on the route to scientific progress. They act more like an informal conference.

I understand the arguments about regulatory constraints, but in the main those regulatory constraints do not prevent biohackers from experimenting where the experimental subject is themselves.

Speaking purely personally I would think attending one of these events would hold back my own work because it would be disruptive.

That is not to say that I would do anything to discourage people from setting these events up and/or attending them, but I don’t see the merit personally.

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I disagree somewhat on the regulatory constraint not preventing biohackers from experimenting. Certainly if you have some supplement/drug and equipment in your posession then you can experiment on yourself without needing regulations. The problem is, there are many things that you won’t have access to in most countries because they are regulated. This can include prescription drugs, experimental compounds and novel treatments that are not approved yet. Therefore, for many cutting edge experiments, you need to be in a place that has little regulation if you want to do self experiments with the things. This is why the Minicircle gene therapy company is based in Honduras, where will be taking place.


In the UK it is legal to import prescription medicine for personal use apart from controlled drugs.