Video "The Importance and Safety of High-Dose Vitamin D3"

Very good overview.

Presented by Ron Hunninghake, M.D.

Video at;

A copy of Dr. Ron’s slides:

Vitamin-D-presentation-final-10.23.19.pdf (1.6 MB)

To read Dr. Ron’s September 2019 article titled;

“Revolutionary High Dose Vitamin D Protocol for Autoimmunity, Obesity and Improved Sleep”:

A copy of the handout Dr. Ron provided the audience:

Lifestyle180_and_MikeShaw (1).pdf (708.7 KB)


The video did not play and I glanced through the slides. I did not spot what the target serum 25OHD is for their protocol?

That really has to be the key question. You then need to titrate the dose of whatever to hit the target serum level.

I agree with the argument that more than 2000 iu a day is a good idea, but hypervitaminosis D is a known problem and I don’t think it is limited to only a few people with that sort of gene. It may be more of an issue for older people, however.

Still people should at least have some idea as to what serum levels they are going for before setting out on a journey to get there.

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I corrected the link to the video.

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Now that summer is ending, this is becoming more relevant to me. Thanks.

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