Very low 1,5AG levels, wtf is going on

I didn’t eat that many fruits, but I ate a few peaches the last few weeks

(μg/mL) Approximate Mean Postmeal
Maximum Glucose (mg/dL)

12 < 180
10 185
8 190
6 200
4 225
< 2 > 290

Maybe my glucose spikes are worse than what CGMs indicate (CGMs don’t even capture all the glucose spiking well, they never spiked above 180 in my case, aside from berries). And I haven’t eaten berries the past few weeks (oh… boi… I may have to really abstain from berries)

Binging causes this. What can I say? You obviously have a very poor diet gauging from your posts.

1,5-anhydroglucitol (1,5-AG) is a validated marker of short-term glycemic control. It is a metabolically inert polyol that competes with glucose for reabsorption in the kidneys. Otherwise stable levels of 1,5-AG are rapidly depleted as blood glucose levels exceed the renal threshold for glucosuria.

Well if it competes for reabsporption in the kidneys, what if canagliflozin blocks BOTH glucose and 1,5-AG reabsorption? That could explain EVERYTHING

  • The most appropriate 1,5-AG cutoff level is 7.65 µg/mL.

In patients with 1,5-AG >7.7 µg/mL, SGLT2 inhibitors do not reduce HbA1c as much.

I know as a fact they don’t reduce my hemoglobin a1c that much, but also, something really metabolically weird is going on in my body last year (that spiked AND my LDL spiked). Even as I’ve been losing weight

Lol, it’s a biomarker of canagliflozin use, thus it’s meaningless for me