VAT or VAT exempt (UK members)

Hi, here is one for my fellow UK members.

I am thinking of buying an HbA1c meter which would be quite costly and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with getting VAT relief/exemption for medical equipment .

“ Summary of the VAT relief

Purchases of medical equipment, software, products, or substances must be eligible for zero rating
. The purchases must be used for a qualifying medical or veterinary use."

It may save me up to 20 per cent off the price.

Best to check with the people you are buying it off. A CGM which is prescribed for a medical condition can be zero rated (or exempt). It may be a similar situation. You might need to have a defined medical condition.

I was going to phone Monday to find out, but was just trying to get a ‘heads-up’ to find out what their answer might be

I would guess the price is already without VAT after all we don’t have to go claiming it back when we buy food or kids clothes.