UV protective clothing to prevent cumulative skin aging (sunscreen isn't enough)

What are some good UV protective clothing because sunscreen isn’t enough.

Larger hats that protect more area, like decathlon? Different color, white?

Or like something like a panama hat?

What is the fashion for hats for different ages and gender?

UV protective clothing long sleeved shirts and pants?

@Virilius finasteride might reduce hat wearing, but hat wearing is good for skin.

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There’s no way a man under 60 can pull off wearing a hat other than a beanie/cap (with medium long hair otherwise everyone will assume you are bald).

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You can pick any hat style you feel comfortable with. That said don’t forget a long sleeve hoodie, sun gloves, pants and sunglasses.

I’ve been using a fishing hat or a bucket cap. Both protect the tops of my ears that have so long suffered from the sun when using the farmer cap.


But nobody ever accused me of setting any trends or following them either.

Keep in mind sun exposure probably protects a cardiovascular system via nitric oxide signaling. This isn’t something you can just supplement away with vitamin D.

We found that all-cause mortality was inversely related to sun exposure habits. The mortality rate amongst avoiders of sun exposure was approximately twofold higher compared with the highest sun exposure group, resulting in excess mortality with a population attributable risk of 3%.

Very relevant for rapamycin users due to the increased sensitivity that rapamycin gives us:

There are shirts that are long sleeved and have high UV protection.

Use caution in the sun. When outside, even on hazy days, areas treated with RETIN-A (tretinoin) should be protected. Aneffective sunscreen should be used any time you are outside (consult your physician for a recommendation of an SPF level which will provide you with the necessary high level of protection). For extended sun exposure, protective clothing, like a hat, should be worn. Do not use artificial sunlamps while you are using RETIN-A. If you do become sunburned, stop your therapy with RETIN-A until your skin has recovered.

The tretinoin / anti-aging skin bros seem like they must join the hat gang. Do hats really look that bad?

Same for tretinoin, see above. I just don’t think sunscreen is enough, either way.

I doubt that even if true explains much of any difference in cardiovascular outcomes.

It’s an observational study. It’s not a real effect based on that.

Bryan Johnson is a clown. Embrace being pale as a vampire? hide indoors away from the sun, dress like a clown in the summer heat all to increase longevity? All while the typical centenarian smokes a few cigarettes a day, drinks alcohol, eats an abundance of meat, and is constantly exposed to the sun as they partake in outdoor activities (gardening, walking, etc…). I ignore this guy completely.

Also, let’s not forget the benefit of sun exposure in regard to enhanced mood, vit D production, and simply aesthetically looking better and healthier with a tan. Considering, Bryan Johnson always talks about how he has constant severe depression, borderline suicidal, which he needs to be medicated at times, I wonder how much better his life (and his depresson) would be if he just would wear some sunblock and go to the beach with friends not worrying about a bit of a tan. I definitely feel the enhanced mood and the endorphins kick in when I’m exposed to the sun.


Lol. Sun exposure will make you look old, age your skin and causally increase risk of skin cancer. A dermatologist can take a biopsy of your skin will see how much you’ve tanned or irradiated your skin. Seach for ‘cumulative sun damage’ on Google Images.

And I think it’s ugly because it objectively ages your skin, eventually. So does other cultures than western ones. High intakes of beta carotene might help with appearance and signal something useful than laying in the sun. A sun tan might imitate that.


Which might be the high LUX brightness and not from irradiating your organ. It is about 50-100 times brighter outside on a sunny day than inside.

It’s an observational study. It’s not a real effect based on that.

It being an observational study doesn’t preclude a causal role for the exposure. And it’s not just one study, there’s a body of evidence that points towards sunlight reducing all-cause mortality, in particular by reducing CVD.

Also, let’s not forget the benefit of sun exposure in regard to enhanced mood, vit D production, and simply aesthetically looking better and healthier with a tan

This. I personally use sunscreen on my face and neck, and sometimes on my arms, but I see getting sun on the rest of my body as a great thing.

They do.


Beetred, l citrulline and tadalafil can also increase NO in your bloodstream without giving you skin cancer and making you look old.

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Most people live that kinda lifestyle and their lifespan averages 80, soo. Instead of relying on outliers who may aswell just have been lucky, it’s better to look at what the science says. And science generally agrees that UV radiation is poison to your skin so sunscreen is a must whenever you go out.

The null hypothesis is that there is no effect.

This below is some statement in the “scientific journal” MDPI, which is also mixing Vitamin D in the picture despite the fact that you can get vitamin D without sun exposure.

Studies in the past decade indicate that insufficient sun exposure may be responsible for 340,000 deaths in the United States and 480,000 deaths in Europe per year, and an increased incidence of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, asthma, type 1 diabetes and myopia.

The second study, figure 1, correlation is at 0.26 which is very low and has obvious confounding factors and talking about vitamin D as if it’s only possible to get it by irradiating your skin.

Fedora man is obese in that picture. Sure hats might look worse, but are you going to irradiate your skin (sunscreen not being enough)?

My point is that fedoras (and hats in general) are cringe with the sole exception of caps and beanies.

That’s ok. If males want to irradiate their skin since they don’t want to look cringe that is up to them.
Females hat wearers are different?

Generally women have more liberties in their fashion than men. I’m not saying don’t wear hats at all but if you must, use a cap. Everything else just fell out of style ages ago.

This one seem to like the panama hat:

Also look at the FDA link above, it is not recommended to only rely on sunscreen when using tretinoin when having longer sun exposure.

OK guys… I don’t think you’re convincing each other. Let it go. Reasonable people can have different opinions on hats, and the exact amount of sun exposure. Its not a big deal.

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I don’t think @Virilius denies that full brim hats are healthier than caps. He is talking from a fashion statement.

All the causal evidence points to sun exposure being harmful for health as long as enough adequate vitamin D is achieved from other sources. It’s okay to still choose to have sun exposure despite it just they should know what they are doing.