Using NSAIDs and antihistamine to treat rapamycin side effects? (Stomatitis, Skin rash...)

Stomatitis and Skin rash are common side effects of rapamycin
It may be due to the disturbance of inflammatory cytokine balance

I tried topical steroid on skin rash, but it still lasted 1~2 months.
So I thought it may be a systematic inflammation. Hence I turned to take NSAIDs ibuprofen and antihistamine to see if it can ameliorate the symptom.

After 2 days of NSAIDs + antihistamine, the skin rash were almost gone. And the rash didn’t come back even after stopping NSAIDs + antihistamine for days

Is it a good practice to use NSAIDs and antihistamine to treat rapamycin inflammation?
Can it be used as prophylaxis for rapamycin inflammation?

All thoughts are welcomed

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