Useful information for people living in the UK (Black Friday Deals)

Ignore this if you are reading it after 27th November 2023

Both Randox and Medichecks are doing black friday discounts on blood tests. This takes the Randox price for two tests down from GBP 255 to GBP 236 (118 per test). This test is not just a blood test, but includes other tests although I personally only use the blood test as I don’t want to spend the time doing the other testing. This includes phlebotomy.

For Randox you need to enter a discount code of “BLACKFRIDAY”

Medichecks are also doing a discount on their well man/woman test. This is a 25% discount on the test (which does not include phlebotomy). reducing the price from GBP 159 for a single test to GBP 119.25.

Obviously from these they are only open for a few days. Randox is up to 27th November (and I am not sure whether that includes 27th or not). Medichecks is called a “black friday” sale. I don’t know when it ends, but I would assume some time on or after Friday 24th November 2023.