Urolithin A exerts anti-tumor effects on gastric cancer via activating autophagy-Hippo axis and modulating the gut microbiota

We found that UroA suppressed tumor progression. The use of 3MA undermined the majority of the inhibitory effect of UroA on tumor cell proliferation, further confirming the importance of autophagy in the anti-tumor effect of UroA. Invigorating of autophagy activated the downstream Hippo pathway, thereby inhibiting the Warburg effect and promoting cell apoptosis. In addition, UroA modulated the composition of the gut microbiota, as indicated by the increase of probiotics and the decrease of pathogenic bacteria. Our research revealed new anti-tumor mechanisms of UroA, which may be a promising candidate for GC treatment.



Does anyone have info on the quality of Urolithin A supplements. Huge difference in pricing of various manufacturers.

Double Wood offers Urolithin A on Amazon but not on its own website. Its label doesn’t show any third party testing. The company has a good reputation, so I went ahead and bought a bottle. I doubt the company would risk its reputation over one supplement.

There was a suggestion in another thread that intermittent dosing might be the way to go. I’m giving that a try - 1,000 mg with fatty food, three days in a row every few months. Kinda imprecise, I know. But, what the hell.

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