Update on Brad Stanfield's Rapamycin Clinical Study in NZ

A new video update on Dr. Stanfield’s Rapamycin for Aging Muscle clinical trial. He seems to not yet have much traction on the funding, with only $30,000 of the required $350,000+ committed. I hope he’s able to get more support on this. We need many more clinical trials on Rapamycin:

Dr Brad Stanfield on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/BradStanfieldMD

NEW VIDEO - Update On My #Rapamycin & Exercise Study - Full cost breakdown - The plan to fundraise the rest Thank you to Professor Kaeberlein @mkaeberlein for supervising the creation of the study protocol

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I have my reservations on this guy. He seems to be more interested earning commission on the supplement’s he is promoting. And the supplement companies he stand behind is the most expensive and speculative ones out there in the market place.


I used pay pal and made a donation. I have followed him for several months, he gets right to the point.