Upcoming Live Q&A with Dr. Kaeberlein for study participants

So I’m going to miss this one (again!), this time because I have tickets to the new Top Gun movie which I bought pre-sale before I knew about the Q&A

If anyone on here is going to participate, can you ask him his opinion on the “stomach acid” issue i.e. if rapa capsules should be enteric coated? Is he using enteric coated capsules for the current TRIAD dog study? Thanks!


I’ll try to remember. If you like, message me - I’ll give you my cell; if you text me the day before, I’ll def remember.

Separately, the Rapa I take - Sirolimus - is a coated pill. I have never heard of it as a capsule.

Definitely planning to attend.

My questions.

His take on Glycans as a marker of biological age. The PEARL study is doing a before and after Glycan blood test. As you might know my Glycan sample is in being tested… results in 3 weeks.

Also, his take on Metformin in conjunction with rapamycin. I have heard it fixes mitochondrial issues caused by rapamycin use.

Many people are on both like me.

What dose are you taking of metformin and rapamycin?


Yes, for my first 1 1/2 years I took just three 2mg pills (6mg total) of rapamycine/siriolimus - pharmacy source doctor prescribed.

However, for the past 4 months - once a week I take five 2mg pills (10mg total) with one Ruby Red Grapfruit plup that I blend with Ginger Ale - hence, fresh GFJ.

Also, past 10 months I take one 500mg Metformin pill every night at bed with one Fisetin 500mg capsule. If I take more than 500mg Metformin I get gas and diarrhea. Blood work says all is good.

If you get a chance to ask Matt Kaeberlein questions in the Q&A session, it would be great to get his perspective on the following:

For longevity purposes, based on his knowledge of the literature, is the rapamycin peak blood concentration (Cmax) or Area Under the Curve (AUC) more important?

Prolonged mTORC1 inhibition eventually leads to mTORC2 inhibition. In humans, how long of a washout period is required to replenish mTORC2 to its normal (pre-rapamycin exposure) levels? If not known in humans, is it possible to extrapolate a guess from the mouse data?

In a previous interview, Matt Kaeberlein mentioned that he takes between 6 to 10 mg of sirolimus per week for 8 to10 weeks, and then he cycles off. For how long does he cycle off, and what is his rationale for cycling off?

If the Mannick paper (which showed mTOR inhibition improves immune function in the elderly) is being used as the framework for rapamycin dosing, shouldn’t we be using bi-weekly dosing of sirolimus instead of weekly, given that the half-life of sirolimus is roughly double that of everolimus (aka RAD001) used in the Mannick study?


Not sure I’ll be able to make this one. Could someone ask Matt whether there’s any evidence that pulsed dosing causes microcytosis (the research suggests daily dosing has this effect)

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At 64 years gonna trade those college posters for my current heroes… Blagosklonny, Kaeberlein, Green… and Attia! Hahaha.

Great work by these researchers. Thanks.