Unveiling a Cognitive Booster Hidden in a Laxative

Summary: A new study has investigated how the laxative prucalopride, known to activate serotonin receptors, affects resting brain activity in healthy adults.

The study discovered that those who took prucalopride demonstrated increased functional connectivity between major cognitive networks in their resting-state. This change provides a potential neurological mechanism by which prucalopride may enhance cognition and memory.

The results strengthen the case for prucalopride and drugs impacting the 5-HT4 serotonin receptor as potential treatments for depression and cognitive impairment.

Key Facts:

  1. Prucalopride, mainly a laxative, also improves cognition and memory at low doses.
  2. The drug enhanced brain connectivity, aiding in attention and information processing.
  3. Contrarily, it reduced connectivity in the brain’s default mode network, adjusting cognitive function as needed.

Research Paper: