Unusual glucose response to rapamycin

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on my blood glucose response tonight to a 1mg rapamycin tablet purified and administered sublingual.
To set the scene I’ve only recently started extracting rapamycin from tablets and using the sublingual route for dosing. This is also the first time that I’ve used CGM to look at my glucose response to this dosing technique.

The graph above shows rapamycin dosed followed by an early dinner at 15:47. My blood glucose levels fell to a low of 3.2 at 17:42, after that I had a small bowl of porridge to keep my levels up.

This comparison graph (shown above) from the day before, without rapamycin, shows a flattish response

Everything I know about rapamycin says that glucose levels should increase if anything ?

I suspect that rapamycin alters insulin level. This may account for your change in plasma glucose.

Shame I’m not still working I used to measure blood insulin levels.
I’m going to dose rapamycin again on Friday and see if I get the same response.

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