Twitter thread: US life expectancy gap is caused by deaths in young adulthood

at every point on the income distribution, Americans live shorter lives than the English.

It’s actually worse than that chart made out, because at most points on the income distribution, Americans earn much more than Brits.

Beyond age 70, US mortality/survival rates are very similar to other rich countries. But between teenage years and early middle age there is a vast gulf.


Can you inform us what they write about the causes of the increased death numbers among young Americans? The article is behind a paywall. Drugs? obesity- and Metabolic syndrom?

Found another article discussing the reasons.

In 2017, for example, higher American mortality translated into roughly 401,000 excess deaths – deaths that would not have occurred if the US had Europe’s lower age-specific death rates. Pre-pandemic, that 401,000 is about 12% of all American deaths. The percentage is even higher below age 85, where one in four Americans die simply because they do not live in Europe.

First, death rates from drug overdose are much higher in the US than in Europe and have risen sharply in the 21st century. Second is the rapid rise in the proportion of American adults who are obese. In 2016, 40% of American adults were obese, a larger proportion than in Europe. Higher levels of obesity in the US may account for 55% of its shortfall in life expectancy relative to other rich countries. Third, the US stands out among wealthy countries for not offering universal healthcare insurance. One analysis suggests that the absence of universal healthcare resulted in 45,000 excess deaths at ages 18-64 in 2005. That number represents about a quarter of excess deaths in that age range.

Why do Americans die earlier than Europeans? | Samuel Preston and Yana Vierboom | The Guardian


Thank you. Two addressable personal lifestyle factors and one factor directly related to society. One can, of course, also say that exposure to drugs and unhealthy food choices are related to the structure of society, and therefore it is more difficult to make healthy choices in a society with higher exposure to drugs and unhealthy food. An unhealthy exposure that might be higher in the US than in Great Britain,

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