TRT therapy alongside Rapamycin

Anyone know if TRT negates the shutdown of mTOR1 by Rapamycin. Am I flipping off the switch with RAPA only to turn it back on with the TRT?


I don’t know what exactly binds to mtor to activate it but rapamycin effectively blocks the binding of other molecules so it shouldn’t really matter. I don’t know how old you are but before you commit to TRT I would try to get my testosterone as high as possible without interventions that basically will put me on medication for the rest of my life, things that boost T: lose visceral fat ,get enough sleep, protein and good fats, resistance training, vitamin D, having sex with an actual partner, boron, zinc, ashwagandha, d-aspartic acid (somewhat in that order)


Thanks for the reply! Most helpful.

I don’t do ashwaganda regularly ( but I do use it), and I don’t take d-aspartic. Otherwise I check all those boxes, though I’ve not been on Boron very long. I’ve been on TRT for 6 months and the the results are pretty life changing, fwiw.



The Agess RX group… doing the PEAL Clinical trial… sponsored a presentation yesterday with Dr. Ross Pelton… he wrote the book on Rapamycin… literally.

He stated that Rapamycin, Testosterone and Metformin are compatible together and he recommends all three for slowing aging. I do Metforinn 500 mg 1 time per day… 10 mg Rapamycin on Monday once per week…and 1ml 200mg cypionate once a week on Thursday for past 2 years. I like separating Rapamycin and Cypionate by 4 days. Works.

All great. Chronological age 64.
Biological age 37based on GlycanAge.


So 53 yo here. Same dose Metformin and Testosterone, but 6mg Rapa. Did you try 6 before 10? Improvements or increased side effects 6 vs 10? (I do get the mouth sores, but tolerable).

Appreciate the feedback!


Hey there!

So I started TRT… 3.5 years ago.
Then 2 years ago. …added rapamycin at 6mg once a week… full amount… no side effects for 1.5 years. Upped to 10 mg for last four months… then for 2 monthsApril May 2022. I have been taking 10mg with a glass of grapefruit juice … when I take the grapefruit juice with it… 24 hours later, I get diarrhea for a day…

I might go 10 mg… no grapefruit juice next time…

Started taling one 500 mg pill of Metforinn daily … started a year ago.

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Never had any side effects.
Just improvement.
Arthritis gone, swallowing issues gone, allergies gone, strength and good skin.
Gums and hearing improved. Memory so amazing. Remember everything lately from the past.

All good…


How long have you been taking rapamycin? Do you take it with grapejuice or without? If you take it with grapejuice it can be quite high dose you get which can cause the side effects.

I like that approach of Rapa peaking about Wed or Thursday and Test peaking about Sun-Mon. Have you considered holding your Metformin on resistance training days that I have seen a few members do?

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Hey hobbyfarmer.

Can you elaborate on how your life changed for the better when you started TRT? How do you administer it (shots, cream, etc.)? And have you noticed any unwanted side effects?

For the record, I’m a 40 year old male. I’m thinking of starting TRT as my free and total testosterone are at the lower edge of the normal ranges. But, I’m worried about staring something that seems like a one-way street.


I’m 53 and have a physically demanding job along with my daily farm chores. Before TRT I was contemplating having to scale things back due to lack of energy, slow recovery from work and exercise, and a relative loss of strength and stamina. My total T was on the high side of normal before starting, but my free T was at the low end. It’s now at the high end.

Since starting TRT in January my energy, focus, strength, recovery and muscle mass have all improved noticeably. I’m lifting weights again as well as I now have the energy to do so on top of my workload. It has also helped with joint and muscle pain from overuse and arthritis, as well as with mild ED, and my libido is of course noticeably higher. My body composition is also better despite a less than ideal diet.

I’m hoping to get to a point where I feel I am far enough down the road in these areas that I will then try to taper the TRT and see if I can hold some or most of the gains without the juice. Not necessarily thinking of this as a lifelong protocol, but time will tell.

I do IM injections 2x week, .5ml of 200mg Cyprionate and I take Anastrozole to keep my estrogen levels from getting out of whack due to the testosterone. i also do BioBoost 1x/ wk which is good for sustained energy and helps with weight loss.

My side effects are mildly increased acne, and some testicular shrinkage which I am addressing.




Rapamycin addresses - Age related testicular atrophy. For me I find it also work on TRT issues… in that area. Plumbing is amazing at 64 years. Go gonads!

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Excellent, Thanks for that!

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