Trouble getting blood test order from Healthspan

Is anyone else having trouble getting their order for blood tests? Your subscription is supposed to include the cost of the order and tests. I do not live near a LabCore facility so I asked for the test order to be faxed to my local hospital. I have been trying for over 3 weeks to arrange this and at first Healthspan said they were working on it, now they are not answering my messages.

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I had no trouble a month ago when I asked them. I didn’t ask for any place in particular; they sent the order to Labcorp.

My problem is that they will only order from Labcorp because the have a contract with them. The closest one to me is over 2 hours away. Why is it so hard to fax an order to a different lab? They can not explain why, just that is too hard.

Bummer. I’m surprised at the lack of communication.

If they’re on a contract with LabCorp, they most likely get it for a lower price. Your lab will charge them the full price. I’m sure it’s the reason.


All resolved! The person that was handling my request was on vacation. I spoke to someone else and the situation is resolved. The issue was their software was not setup to interact with any other system but Labcorp. Healthspan was willing to give me a credit for the costs of the test, I told them my insurance would pay. They are also instituting reminder emails to their clients to remind them about the timing of the tests. I think this kind of monitering is worth the subscription cost. Very satisfied in the end!!

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