Transplanting old organs promotes senescence in young recipients - PubMed

I think this was already known, but it can be useful to see new perspectives on this sort of thing. Sadly behind a paywall.


Link to full paper.

(PDF) Transplanting Old Organs Promotes Senescence in Young Recipients (

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It’s why here in Hong Kong, they don’t transplant organs of those who are 40+. I spoke with a kidney specialist about this. He said transplanted kidneys from older adults only last a few years before they need to be replaced. Kidneys from younger adults can last over a decade.

@LaraPo Will you need to get your transplanted kidney replaced eventually? I was shocked to learn that, over here at least, transplanted kidneys do not last forever.

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Not obligatory. If there’s a good match, transplant can last for a long time. I received kidney from my son who was 28 at that time. It was a perfect match (that’s why I’m only on one medication, which is Rapamycin, 1 mg). It was almost 14 years ago and it still works very well. Transplant can last longer with a kidney friendly diet (low sodium, no sugar, low protein), but it won’t last forever - nothing lasts forever.


I tried to find (without success) what was the record for survival of a kidney.
For instance, if a kidney from an 80-y.o. was donated into a 50-y.o. and that person lived another 20 years, that means the kidney would be 100 years old.
Anybody have any info on that?

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Just FYI, you can buy kidneys for transplantation from living donors in mainland China. An acquaintance of mine did so. I think the going rate was about $15,000 USD a few years ago.

Likewise if you need some extra money… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Very interesting thank you DeStrider.
I note that one donor was listed in their “early 90’s”!!
It would be really interesting to know the age of the recipient of that kidney and how long it functioned for.
But I guess we’ll never know.

It would be considered illegal in the U.S.

When I needed a kidney, there was another unrelated donor willing to donate, but she was rejected due to her age of 65.

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