Transformer: The Deep Chemistry of Life and Death, book

I’m reading this book, by a person named Nick Lane, a biochemist working in London.

The essence of it is that the mitochondria & the TCA (Krebs) cycle have a lot more effect on aging & cancer than one would imagine (or at least than people once thought).

It’s fairly dense biochemistry & I’m not going to try to summarize it. That would be like me trying to sculpt Michalango’s David from a stick of butter while sitting in a tent in the Sahara.

My point in bringing it up, besides that it’s interesting to me, is that it appears to me that close study of the mitochondria may be a fruitful direction for research into longevity, so others on this forum might be interested as well.


Another new book out (or out soon, but announced this week) is Peter Attia’s book:


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Thank for the lead, just purchased an audiobook version and ordered a hardcover.

Located the following, a Talk by the author Nick Lane


Release date is March 23, 2023

Looks like a really interesting book - and an interesting guy:


Thanks for the links to the youtubes, I’ll watch them in my next youtube session (it’s something I do while exercising).

I found out about the book because it was an Audible deal of the day a little while ago. It seems pretty detailed for a deal of the day, but I’m glad I grabbed it.