Tracking wellness experiments using SMS enabled ChatGPT AI Bot

I got tired of noting down in a Google doc what I took and when. After forgeting to write down and messing up my Rapa and Dasatinib last week, I’ve hooked up ChatGPT to SMS to track my experimentation.

The idea is that I will text it whenever I take something or when I want to note down how I feel. It will give me reports when I want and eventually act as a reminder for what to take when.

If anyone else wants to try it, let me know. It’s an experiment, I’m not selling anything.


Very cool. Please post updates on how well it works for you!

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I would love to try! It seems to be a great tool especially for busy senior population :grinning:

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Very interested in learning what you’re doing. I often forget to mark down changes to my protocol, then try to remember them a month or two later. Thx for sharing this.