Tracking Weekly Rapamycin Dosage and Side Effects

Hi everyone,

Just logging my progress with Rapamycin.

I’m 55YO Female, Height = 175cm, weight = 135lb

I plan to work up to 4mg initially.

Have just built up to 3mg weekly and will stay at that dose for 3 months, after which time I will get some blood tests.

I take the R in the early morning, and I notice that it has a stimulating effect so that I do not feel tired at my usual time.

I go to bed a little later on that night and am usually able to get to sleep. Sometimes I wake in the early morning for an hour, but I get enough sleep to feel refreshed the next day.



@ Do have any desired goals beyond longevity from taking Rapa?

Hi Basil,

Nice to e-meet you.

I’m curious: how many days do you experience the stimulating effect?

I just took my third dose of R this morning, and it occurs to me that I might want to not drink coffee on my “dosing day” because I feel a bit overstimulated. I am on a ramp from 1 to 4mg so today was my 3mg dose. It could be that I will want to skip coffee for multiple days. Do you have any thoughts on avoiding caffeine based on your own experience?


(Comments from anyone else who wants to share their thoughts are welcomed. :slight_smile: )

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Hi @David , I don’t have any health issues at this stage, so longevity is the main goal.

My motto is ‘do no harm’. If I see a decline in my biomarkers (EG: increased lipids of fasting blood sugar), I’m not sure if I’ll continue.

3 mg seems like a conservative starting dose to me, so I’m hoping that won’t happen and I’ll be able to tolerate rapamycin.

Hi @joelklee , I don’t drink caffeine anyway (except decaf), because I’m prone to sleep issues.

The stimulating effect only lasts a day for me, in that once I reach the hour of my normal bedtime, I simply do not feel tired. So I just stay up an hour or so later on that night and am usually able to sleep.

I’d say for sure, experiment with avoiding caffeine to on the days prior to see if that helps.

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I like your approach. I am a little ahead of you in age at 58, but have noted a slow progression of aches and pains from years of sports and exercise. I have noted some improvement on Rapamycin with those generalized symptoms. So going from feeling older and then not feeling that was an impressive change for me. If I had not noted that, I may not be as excited to continue. The longevity component is a nice one, but I would be happy with just quality of life improvements. I did jump in a little aggressive with a full 6mg dose to start - before I joined this site. Your biomarkers are important, but as you found with your fasting blood sugar, not all telling. I hope you see the changes that you want and if not there are other options.


I did note some stimulant effect on 6mg/ week. Nothing troubling, but my max heart rate during exercise seem to elevate above my previous max. I like your approach of backing off on other stimulants while Rapa is at its peak levels. I tend to ride the energy wave as long as I don’t feel overstimulated. Good luck!