Tor: Target of Rapamycin - InDepth

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“Tor: Target of Rapamycin”

George Thomas
David M. Sabatini
Michael N. Hall

TOR: The First Ten Years A. Lorberg and M.N. Hall

The Role of Phosphatases in TOR Signaling in Yeast K. Duvel and J.R. Broach

YeastTOR Signaling: A Mechanism for Metabolic Regulation T. Powers, I. Dilova, C.-Y. Chen, and K. Wedaman

Nutrient Signaling Through TOR Kinases Controls Gene Expression
and Cellular Differentiation in Fungi

Autophagy in Yeast: A TOR-Mediated Response to Nutrient Starvation Y.Kamada, T.Sekito,and Y.Ohsumi … 73

The Fission Yeast TOR Proteins and the Rapamycin Response:
an Unexpected Tale - R. Weisman 85

Plant Growth and the TOR Pathway
B.Menand, C.Meyer,and C.Robaglia … 97

TOR Action in Mammalian Cells and in Caenorhabditis elegans
X. Long, F. Muller, and J. Avruch 115

Genetic Analysis of TOR Signaling in Drosophila
Th.P.Neufeld … 139

Interplay Between Growth Factor and Nutrient Signaling:
Lessons from Drosophila TOR
E.Hafen … 153

mTOR Signaling to Translation
A.-C.Gingras, B.Raught, and N.Sonenberg … 169

VIII List of Contents

Modulation of the Protein Kinase Activity of mTOR
J.e. Lawrence, [r., T.-A. Lin, L.P. McMahon, and K.M. Choi . . . . . . . . . 199

Role of mTOR Signaling in the Control of Translation Initiation
and Elongation by Nutrients C.G.Proud… 215

Novel Regulatory Mechanisms of mTOR Signaling
J. Chen 245

Raptor and mTOR: Subunits of a Nutrient-Sensitive Complex D.H.KimandD.M.Sabatini … 259

Kinase Activities Associated with mTOR
K. Yonezawa, K.-I. Yoshino, e. Tokunaga, and K. Hara 271

mTOR: A Mediator of Intracellular Homeostasis A.[aeschke,P.B.Dennis,and G.Thomas … 283

mTOR as a Positive Regulator of Tumor Cell Responses to Hypoxia R.T.Abraham… 299

Retroviral Oncogenes and TOR M.AokiandP.K.Vogt… 321

mTOR as a Target for Cancer Therapy
P.J. Houghton and S. Huang 339

TOR Target of Rapamycin (A. Lorberg, M. N. Hall (auth.), George Thomas etc.) ( (8.4 MB)