Topical use of pterostilbene accelerates burn wound healing in diabetes via activation of the HIF1α pathway

In my general reading of various papers I encountered this really interesting one. Why is it interesting:

a) It looks at the issue of the inhibition of HIF 1 alpha by high levels of glucose.

This is important because it is this particular pathway that stimulates things like autophagy and if high levels of glucose shut it down it explains one reason why glucose control is very important.

b) It reports that pterostilbene is useful in holding this back. Not such an issue if you don’t have high levels of glucose, but it reports pterostilbene as being more effective than resveratrol (both of which are stilbenes)


Have been taking pterostilbene with GSE for several months.

Based on

My dosing is 1g of pterostilbene and 800mg of GSE every day