Topical Rapamycin Protocols (Concentration, Frequency, Quantity, etc.)

I’ve read with interest the long discussions about topical Rapamycin cream but could not find much about protocols/dosage.
I got the 0.2% topical rapamycin cream from Heathspan ( That’s a molar concentration of 2190µM/liter which is much more than what has been used in the literature.

For instance in that paper: Stimulation of Hair Growth by Small Molecules that Activate Autophagy

They write:

Rapamycin (1.6 µM) induces hair regeneration
[…]Rapamycin at 100 nM gave similar results as 1.6 mM
[…]Rapamycin at 16 µM, however, resulted in hair loss and open wounds

Obviously that’s much lower than 2190µM in fact 1.6µM is (0.00015%). That’s on mice though.

Similarly in that paper: Topical rapamycin reduces markers of senescence and aging in human skin: an exploratory, prospective, randomized trial

They use a 0.5ml on each hand of a rapamycin cream with a concentration of 10µM (0.001%) every 24-48 hours. This is also very much lower than the Healthspan cream.

The 0.1% to 0.2% concentration is used for the treatment of skin problems like Angiofibromas among others but it’s not the goal here.

Currently I use it once a week but I think it might still be too much.
Any feedback on that? What protocols/dosage are you using if you use it?
BTW I currently also take 5mg pills once a week.


Curious if you’ve noticed an improvement in your skin

As 0.2% is a rather high concentration, I’ve decided to only use it at most once a week on my hands. So far it’s been 3 weeks only so not much change yet except maybe for the dark spots which seem to somewhat fade away.


cl-user, Did you say you only use the rapamycin cream on the backs of your hands once a week? Are you seeing any results with this technique? And, does GetHealthSpan provide any specific directions for use that would eliminate use of the cream on the face and neck?


I have topical rapamycin cream arriving today from Healthspan. It is frustrating how little information there is on their website.

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