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Need to get advice. Pharmac have said I can have Rapamycin but a Doctor with the correct Clinical information must fill out the NPPA paperwork.
Also Medsafe told me any Doctor in NZ can prescribe any drug and that prescription can be paid for and filled overseas. As long as it is sent to that Doctors office. Coming through Customs etc it may be confiscated. Also the alternative Pharmacy in MT Eden. Kevin the Pharmacist said if I get a prescription he will fill it. NZD 696.00.
I have had Candida Auris since September 2021. I am going to die of this fungus unless I can at least try Rapamycin. Auckland Health still deny it is in NZ. It is already endemic.
Do you know a Doctor that knows about the Rapamycin dosages for Candida Auris?
Does anyone know an excellent Doctor in Auckland? Or anywhere in NZ for that matter!
The presentation of the symptoms, which I have been controlling mostly with bleach baths, some anti fungal creams take out the itching for a while and pouring essential oils directly onto the skin. I am losing the battle. Last night was the worst night ever. I am saturating my bed with sweat but have freezing cold skin. I had neuralgia running up and down my body and the itching and burning was intense. The worst place is in my eyes. If it enters the bloodstream it is fatal. Because I have had radical Colorectal cancer surgery I do enemas every 36 hours. The tip of the enema passing the rejoin is a point of entry. I am actually desparate.
My email is I would be more than forever grateful to hear from someone who can help. Thank you.

I imported directly into NZ from Oddways Int. in India.
3x small shipments. No prescription needed - went through Speedpost.
Took exactly 21 days from payment being received.
One box was flagged as opened by customs - still came through to me.
Good luck!