Tirzepatide - a better semaglutide? (GIP + GLP1 agonism). Also LY3437943


GIP agonism might be better for the bones too (compared to Miglitol - a better acarbose? Increases UCP1, decreases gastric inhibitory peptide (GIP) + decreases body weight )

Can also increase osteoblast activity - Tirzepatide's Unique Mechanism of Action - GIP/GLP-1 Dual Agonist - YouTube

It IS possible to get via india-mart

THEN THERE IS a BETTER one (LY3437943) - https://twitter.com/curiousdrgeorge/status/1590358559904210944
LY3437943, a novel triple glucagon, GIP, and GLP-1 receptor agonist for glycemic control and weight loss: From discovery to clinical proof of concept: Cell Metabolism

God I find out about things so late… I only learn of semaglutide within 1 year of learning of ALL the newer stuff (similarly with canagliflozin)