Tips on how to convince my doctor to prescribe rapamycin?

Do you have any recommendations how I can convince my doctor to prescribe rapamycin off-label for longevity? All feedback is welcome.

Use another doctor/service

FWIW…I used Push Health, three different time to get three raperymicin prescription’s.

My original for 3 months use, a refill for a second 3 months use and a second original for my other half.

Cost was around $65.00 - $70.00 each consultation/request. In my opinion the cost was more than reasonable.

Prescriptions were sent to local pharmacys and filled.

I am not a part of Push Health, just a very happy customer/paitent.


In his new book, Ross Pelton, “The Natural Pharmacist”, has a chapter about it:

How to get your doctor to write a prescription for rapamycin for you

He gives a link to a non-profit group that can help find a doctor in many countries:

And he has several good tips. For example:

Write a “Statement of Personal Responsibility” and provide it to your physician. This statement should simply state that you understand the risks and take full responsibility for your decision to take rapamycin.
Print out and give your doctor a copy the article titled Rapamycin for longevity: opinion article, written by Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny, or send him/her the link to the article (…). It is an excellent review that explains how and why rapamycin functions as a life extension drug (…). In the article, Dr. Blagosklonny makes the following statement:
“I will also discuss why it is more dangerous not to use anti-aging drugs than to use them and how rapamycin-based drug combinations have already been implemented for potential life extension in humans. If you read this article from the very begin ning to its end, you may realize that the time is now.”


@Joseph I live in Sweden. Thanks for your answer I will try some different doctors here if they say no and not give up. What is Push Health? Something in USA?

@ajmch Great advice! In the link you provided I didn’t find any doctors in Sweden. Very interesting regarding the “Statement of Personal Responsibility”. It would be very nice if we together here in the forum created a example document for this.

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See this thread for Europe doctors


Thanks I looked thru the page but couldn’t find anything on Sweden. My first alternative that I would like to see if it’s possible is to get rapamycin in my country thru a doctor. It should not be impossible if I’m prepared before the meeting. What do you think about the "Statement of Personal Responsibility” or some kind of one page summary document that I can hand over to my doctor about rapamycin. It would be great if we could create a document like that here in this group.

Here my proposition. It should be OK for the legal aspects (although that may vary from country to country). But the style and the wording might be awkward: English is my third language and I have no medical training. So, please feel free to improve on it :smiling_face:

I hereby confirm that I studied the medical literature on rapamycin (Sirolimus) and that I understand the risks involved in using this remedy. I take full responsibility for the possible consequences of my decision to take rapamycin, and I release my doctor [title, name, address] from any liability in this regard.
Signature, with place and date


Good text, when I think little bit more to this I think it’s not possible to take away the responsibility from the doctor here in Sweden that way. But I like the text and it can probably be used in another country if not in Sweden.

Here is an text from Swedens view on off-label prescription

The Medical Institute’s view is that an approved drug with an approved indication should be the first choice. For off-label use, documented science and proven experience must form the basis for the use of an approved drug on a non-approved indication. The treatment takes place under the responsibility of the prescribing doctor.

Source: Läkemedelsverkets syn på off label-förskrivning | Läkemedelsverket

So I think I need to create some kind of one page document which makes it easy for the doctor to see the documented science and proven experience in the rapamycin area. This could probably work.

I’m also thinking about that instead of saying that I want to take rapamycin for longevity it’s better that I say something like my risk for age-related diseases are increasing if we look at the general statistics for people around 45 years old. I’m eating a good diet, exercising, fasting etc but even this is not enough to stop the risk increasing. One way to decrease the risk even more is to also start taking rapamycin.

Well, there are two legal aspects here. While you indeed cannot release the MD from the responsability imposed on him by legislation (if he prescribes rapamycin), you can make a statement that will prevent you from being able to successfully attack him in case of an adverse reaction to the drug. And that can be important.
As for the former, the MD definitely is able to assess whether rapamycin is dangerous for you or not, depending on the general state of the patient, the dosage, and the evolution of the case. But as he will have to prescribe rapamycin for something else than the usual indications, such a declaration of personal responsability could make things easier for him.

Another route is that you buy rapamycin on your own, without prescription, but informs your doctor about taking it, so that he can follow your case knowing what is going on and, as the case may be, react accordingly. I think this has to be decided in agreement of both parties.

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There are two free online longevity medicine classes that might be something to recommend to your doctor…

Not sure how they cover rapamycin, has anyone reviewed these classes fully?


Perhaps refer to this World Health Organization announcement on how they’ve classified aging related disease:

" In 2018, the World Health Organization added an extension code in the latest version of the International Classification of Diseases for “ageing-related” diseases, which it defines as those “caused by pathological processes which persistently lead to the loss of organism’s adaptation and progress in older ages.” In other words, diseases that occur and worsen as we age, like cancer and arthritis. That decision may pave the way for defining aging itself as a disease."

and related Lancet editorial on the topic:


Push Health has been great for my “self-directed” medical care. I’ve always asked for a year’s worth of refills and have never had any issues. I have them send them to Amazon Pharmacy which has great pricing and fast shipping. The only minor issue is that everything that gets e-sent via Push Health finds its way into most Electronic Medical Records (epic, etc.), so your doctor/hospital will see everything.

Push Health is how I get Rapamycin and my CGM, along with other experiments.


Thanks! I will check those courses out first by myself and get back if it’s something to go forward with.

Great also with the WHO definition I will see how I can use it some how.

That sounds little bit good to be true but if it works in Sweden it is really good solution. Or does it only work in USA?

I think push health is only a USA business. But Mobi seems to work in Europe.

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[www dot mobidoctor dot eu] looks good indeed, and they are available in Sweden (and even in Switzerland and the UK).

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@RapAdmin & @ajmch: Mobi seems like a very good way to go. Big thanks!

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I have to say, though, that I will rather look for a real MD, in my neighbourhood, someone I can sit face to face to and maybe develop a relationship with. A doctor who helps me to look after my health, rather than a team who is always trying to fight some predefined diseases that I am supposed to have, and who is rather working with the insurance bureaucracy than with me. For now, my insurance plan is tying me to HMOs, which I found suboptimal. I wrote them to have it changed and be free to choose any doctor I like. Then I’ll look around. There is no rush, after all.

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“If you wait until you are ready, it is almost certainly too late.” ~ Seth Godin

From Mikhail V Blagosklonny paper;

Rapamycin for longevity: opinion article

My quote

“Every day we are one day closer to death” - Joseph

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