Three Tiers to biological escape velocity: The quest to outwit aging

A new review paper that is relevant to us:

As longevity companies emerge with new products and the fields of anti-aging research develop new cutting-edge therapies, three distinct classes of longevity methodologies emerge. This discussion finds that there are three clear classes (Tiers) of longevity systems that are currently under development, and all three will be paramount to achieve biological escape velocity (where tissues can be repaired faster than aging can damage them). These classes are referred to as Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 treatments and are described in detail below. These three Tiers are required for easy identification for pharmaceutical companies and research companies to determine the type of therapy they may choose to deliver being noninvasive, invasive, time consuming, or simple end user products. Specific targets and goals need to be defined clearly from an early perspective in the development of these technologies for future precision medicines. This allows consumers of future anti-aging technologies to consider which Tier a particular therapy may be, delivering a more informed choice.

Aging Medicine - 2022 - Palmer - Three Tiers to biological escape velocity The quest to outwit aging.pdf (358.3 KB)


super interesting.
I believe we’ve barely begun to understand how to slow down and potentially reverse aging, even though it looks like there are some tantalizing glimpses.
The jury is still out on Rapa, but personally I’m willing to give it a shot, because I’d be kicking myself if I wait for conclusive results, then find out it does work. On the flip side, nobody is getting out alive anyway, it’s all entropy whatever way we cut it.
Which brings me to a question I had for the group. I was curious to hear what people’s thoughts were about their potential health and lifespan potential given the explosion in the longevity field.
Do you think we’ll reach longevity escape velocity in your lifetime- is it even possible?
My personal feeling is that however much I would like it to be the case, each of us has an individual set limit and every environmental insult, virus and bit of damage we accumulate drains the battery faster. Though I believe we may be able to claw back some of this with some of the emerging technologies won’t be able to breach the limit. I’m pretty beat up for my age, but I’d take 100 with my faculties.


I’m 63, so I doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime. All depends on how fast gene therapy moves along, because I think that’s holy grail here.
To increase my chance of seeing that, it’s exercise, diet, and supplements including Rapa.


I suspect, it’s going to take a combination of both tissue regeneration and gene therapy to begin reaching our upper limits. I’ll be really interested to see what Aubrey De Grey’s new levf venture can achieve.
But, same here, I’m just trying to stay in one piece for as long as possible.


Here’s a very insightful look at the future of anti aging interventions broken down into 3 tiers.
The first tier is the usual diet/ exercise/ behavioral approach.
The second tier is mainly preventative. It includes full body MRI, of which Prenuvo is my favorite. I’d also include CAC scores for CVD , as well as plasma biopsies which are on the horizon.
I guess rapamycin would fit into tier 3, along with other more high tech interventions .


Take care with full body scans. Reasonable possibility of false positive findings.

Generally true, but the Prenuvo scan has both a high sensitivity and specificity giving a very low percentage of false positives. It’s really designed to pick up very small lesions and to differentiate benign vs malignant.

I don’t what your protocols are and I am not giving advice, just reporting what has worked best for me.

Something that was truly life-changing for me was time-restricted feeding and a reasonably low-carb diet.

I can’t say that exercise was life-changing for me because I always have.
If you can’t do anything else, TRF produces amazing results in most people in terms of weight loss and general health.

Rapamycin and all of the other supplements are second best for me.