Three Longevity Global Startup Companies Make their Pitches

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Silvia Veronese of GTCardio

​At GTcardio our goal is to provide every person with the knowledge of their cardiovascular health every second of their life. We are focused on developing technologies to optimize total wellbeing, improve longevity and prevent cardiovascular diseases. We do it by solving the problem of hypertension, by continuous hemodynamic monitoring, and assessing for personalized and optimal treatment to reduce vascular age.

​2. Jáchym Fibír of April19 Discovery

​April19 is a drug development company integrating AI with computational chemistry to design and develop the next generation of psychedelic-inspired compounds. By optimizing psychedelics with a unique pharmacology identified in academic research, April19 seeks to expand the utility of psychedelics beyond mental health into neurodegenerative indications and healthy longevity. Website:

  1. David Scieszka of Eterna Biotechnology

​Eterna Biotechnology is developing virus-like particle (VLP) vaccines to target senescence and extend healthy lifespan. Our overarching goal is to provide accessible and affordable longevity solutions for all. The lead program is a VLP vaccine targeting senescence to provide protection against pelvic organ prolapse, cardiovascular disease, and pulmonary dysfunction, which has the added benefit of lifespan extension. Preclinical mouse data shows the vaccine can significantly extend lifespan and improve organ function. We are proposing further preclinical studies in disease models to support clinical development. The estimated peak yearly revenue is $81B across multiple indications, with a long-term valuation potential over $1T. We are requesting $1.5M to fund CRO studies and advance the program over 3 years. Website: