The world's oldest person, a French nun, dies at 118

A moment of silence…

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So sad, cut down in the prime if her life… :wink:

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The new oldest person in the world is, at a young 115:

María Branyas Morera
[6] 4 March 1907 Living 115 years, 320 days Spain[d]

I am surprised that there is no one who is 116, 117 or 118 still living today. :frowning:

We lost a lady who was 114 here in Hong Kong last month to COVID. I am surprised that the Chinese are not listed in the list of longest-living people.

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If you look at the raw ITP data, you see that the longest lived mice are actually controls. So whilst rapamycin increases median and 90th percentile life it does not seem to extend the absolute maximum.


Living for so long must be torture for a nun, a great aunt of mine was a nun too, she lived until 107 and she wondered why god didn’t call her…

The oldest American is now 114 after Eddie died this week at 116. RIP.

Jiroemon 116, he left results of blood tests

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