The world's oldest dog has died at the age of 31


And he wasn’t even on Rapamycin. If he were he could possibly live even longer.


I wonder, now that there are a decent number of dogs taking rapamycin, I wonder how long it will be before one breaks the record?


I’d guess less than 31 years from now. :wink:


The dog aging scientists have called “bullshit” on these large, older dog cases: Dog Rejuvenation Olympics - #2 by RapAdmin


Just as there is a long history of people exaggerating their lifespans, so it is with dogs:

All of this means that it’s near impossible to accurately assess a dog’s age once they get past a certain age. Even though Allum estimates the age of dogs as part of her day job, she still says that it comes down to a well-informed “best guess” when she has to put an age down in the medical records of a stray dog.

The only way to be sure of a pooch’s provenance is to have a record of them since their birth, or at least since they were a puppy. In the UK, dogs must be fitted with a microchip that contains a unique identifier before they are eight weeks old. A combination of microchip records and photos that show a dog aging over the years would be the most reliable indicator of a dog’s true age, Allum says, although she notes that even those records could be falsified.

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My dog, a chi, 19 years old, died. She was on rapamycin once a month dose. I think she died of a stroke (looked like that, but wasn’t diagnosed).


@LaraPo, so sorry for your loss.


Is 19 long life for Chi, or is it normal?

It’s a little longer than normal. Small dogs live longer. She was healthy and active even 6 mo ago. Then suddenly within a week she became deaf and blind (cataracts grew very fast).

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