The Safety and Antiaging Effects of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide in Human Clinical Trials: an Update

A new paper from some China-based researchers:

As the NAD+ concentration in human skin, blood, liver, muscle, and brain are thought to decrease with age, finding ways to increase NAD+ status could possibly influence the aging process and associated metabolic sequelae. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a precursor for NAD+ biosynthesis, and in vitro/in vivo studies have demonstrated that NMN supplementation increases NAD+ concentration and could mitigate aging-related disorders such as oxidative stress, DNA damage, neurodegeneration, and inflammatory responses. The promotion of NMN as an antiaging health supplement has gained popularity due to such findings; however, since most studies evaluating the effects of NMN have been conducted in cell or animal models, a concern remains regarding the safety and physiological effects of NMN supplementation in the human population. Nonetheless, a dozen human clinical trials with NMN supplementation are currently underway. This review summarizes the current progress of these trials and NMN/NAD+ biology to clarify the potential effects of NMN supplementation and to shed light on future study directions.


A really thorough article. Thank you.

Though getting NMN in the USA may be a challenge. As I understand it, in 2022 the FDA reversed their classification of NMN as a dietary supplement, making it illegal to sell, because a pharma company wanted to use it as a new drug:

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