The Role of Nutrition Care In Mitochondrial Health - ASPEN 2021

Although from quite a time ago I think there is some useful information about nutrients and mitochondria in this video.


Thanks John.

From the presentation, here’s data supporting the ideas that vo2max is associated with mitochondrial function.

But, to my eye, the data is stronger between low and medium vo2max than medium to high vo2max.

If there was a plot of time invested each week and over 10 years to achieve low, medium, and high vo2max, the best ROI by far would be in the move from low to medium. The lowest ROI (if positive) would be in moving from medium to high.

So, I’ll come back to vo2max after I’ve take all the other low hanging longevity and healthspan fruit first.


I think that is generally true in that once you have the low hanging fruit there is not necessarily much of a healthspan benefit from being an olympic athlete.

I have just been out delivering leaflets for a by-election in Birmingham. I think that is really quite good exercise.