The Results of Rapamycin Clinical Trials |

Any comments regarding this recent news?


Hmmm… I beg to differ on many counts… but the biggest human trial focused on healthy persons taking rapamycin… PEARL has yet to be released. And Jonathan An’s planned trial on periodontal disease hasn’t happened yet.

My N=1 has me convinced and I will keep taking rapa.

Everolimus which faired better in this review is the same as rapamycin as touted by Kaeberlein, Sabatini and others. Lol

Okay… I guess the show’s over… RapAdmin time to shut down

Good night everyone! Hahaha.


Hi - see this past discussion on a related paper and that article:

Here: Big Review paper: Targeting ageing with rapamycin and its derivatives in humans (LancetLongevity)

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I would be nice if rapamycin predictably improved just one commonly-referenced biomarker. More often than not, we spend extra effort warding off the measured ill effects.

My CRP has only been higher since the first month I started taking it.

The only positive I can point to is that I felt subjectively ‘perkier’, and maybe looser in the joints upon initiating, but the mechanisms behind those effects do not admit to physiological measurement, apparently. And it is a one-off experience, that I think I have incorporated into baseline expectations.

Like the Lord, rapamycin (in humans) works in mysterious ways.


A good biomarker to measure would be mitochondrial heteroplasmy (where the cells have different mitochondrial DNA)

Searching for rapamycin and heteroplasmy on pubmed finds four results.

These do point to rapamycin reducing heteroplasmy. (which is how it would do its good things).

The cells get rid of the dysfunctional mitochondria with iffy mtDNA.