The positive effect of rapamycin due to fat reduction

This post can be little bit provocative probably for some but I think it’s good for us to discuss this topic and see how strong the independent effect of rapamycin is without fat reduction.

If we look at intermittent fasting and extended fasting there are similiar mechanistics pathways that are triggered as when taking rapamycin. In one paper by Mikhail Blagosklonny he points out that rapamycin inhibits mTOR more than fasting especially in older age. (Hmmm, this made me think that this can probably be an important main cause why rapamycin works late in life in improving lifespan and not calorie restriction).

Rapamycin more potently inhibits mTOR than does fasting, especially in old age

One thing that has been discussed in the science community a lot is if the benefits of fasting is just connected to the effect of fat reduction. If a person have knowledge of the main mechanistic pathways such as benefits of mtor inhibition, ampk and autophagy activation etc than it’s hard to just explain that all benefits only has to do with fat reduction.

Does there exists any rapamycin studies which has not lead to fat reduction and still had good effects on lifespan and healthspan?