The Phaedon Institute - New Longevity Foundation

A new institute focused on Longevity:

Transmuting Awareness Of Longevity & Aging Sciences

The Phaedon Institute was envisioned by a group of distinguished scientists and entrepreneurs to promote a greater degree of synergy, efficient cooperation, and discussion among longevity industry stakeholders that could set rigorous standards and guidance to support the growing community of the emerging field of longevity sciences.

The Phaedon Institute is aimed to distill solid and sound science, support the leaders and talents, recognize the proper regulatory environment and investment opportunities, and transform the aging and longevity industry.

In addition, the institute recognizes a crucial, compelling need to promote diversity in the aging research workforce. Phaedon Institute is committed to fostering a diverse workforce in aging research, and to ensuring that people from all backgrounds can fully and productively participate in our field.

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Phrases like “cut through the noise” don’t really help.

I am not sure where they sit which makes them any better than SENS or Aubrey de Grey’s new organisation. All of these start with senescence (which IMO is an important issue, but mitochondrial quality is also an important issue).

Does it help to have a new group doing much the same as other groups that already exist. Probably not. On the other hand it may not do that much harm.

My own personal view (which is tainted by my hobby horse about gene expression and protein creation) is that most of the funding and most of the organisations are concentrating on the same potential solutions such as OSKM and to some extent senolytics.

It happens to be that I think that contributes more than that by being science based and not excluding ideas (although obviously seeing rapamycin as being part of the solution - which I think it is although there may be other ways to encourage mitophagy, but it seems a good idea to me notwithstanding). is broader in its communitarian approach than many of the institutions.

In the end the solution to the problem is going to be one or more knowledge based concepts. My own concept may not be part of the solution. Funding is obviously required for any concept, but it is not necessarily the case that putting more cash into OSKM or senolytics will get anything of any utility.

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