The Newest Glucose Monitors are Coming


Very interested to see what the price will be.


Downloaded the paper, and in reading it, I’m struck by how much detail it gives about its construction, which looks to be quite simple, with components that are relatively easy to come by.
I’m very tempted to try and build one

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Yes, price is important, Abbott CGS cost me around USD 70 for just 2 weeks…

I’ve decided….i’m going to try and build one. It’s the first paper/design I’ve seen, that contains enough detail and is ‘simple’ enough to attempt a build.

Trying to source the components but just found out that the photodiode is no longer manufactured, but think I’ve found some.

I’ll breadboard it first, in stages, to make sure all the subsystems work before getting a pcb printed.

I’ve tried looking for the patent, but I suppose I’ll have to wait 18 months before it becomes public. If anyone comes across it can you let me know please :pray:



The actual paper;

Miniaturized Optical Glucose Sensor Using 1600–1700 nm Near-Infrared Light

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