The million-molecule challenge: a moonshot project to rapidly advance longevity intervention discovery

The new paper out from Ora Biomedical / Mitchell Lee and team.


Targeting aging is the future of twenty-first century preventative medicine. Small molecule interventions that promote healthy longevity are known, but few are well-developed and discovery of novel, robust interventions has stagnated. To accelerate longevity intervention discovery and development, high-throughput systems are needed that can perform unbiased drug screening and directly measure lifespan and healthspan metrics in whole animals. C. elegans is a powerful model system for this type of drug discovery. Combined with automated data capture and analysis technologies, truly high-throughput longevity drug discovery is possible. In this perspective, we propose the “million-molecule challenge”, an effort to quantitatively assess 1,000,000 interventions for longevity within five years. The WormBot-AI, our best-in-class robotics and AI data analysis platform, provides a tool to achieve the million-molecule challenge for pennies per animal tested.

Podcasts and interviews with Mitchell Lee:


Did they try get funding from Impetus Grants? (probably they won’t give 1 million $ but maybe they would give 100k $)
Do we have any data about what compounds did well so far?
Did they propose any compounds / combinations to NIA ITP?

I think they want to promote the WormBot. Its a sort of marketing exercise really.