The Longevity Imperative: How to Build a Healthier and More Productive Society to Support Our Longer Lives (New Book)


A new book by Andrew Scott, the London Business School economist focusing on longevity and ageing society.

Thanks to increases in life expectancy, we can now expect to live for a long time. Most of us would welcome an extra day in the week, so why do so many of us view the prospect of additional years with fear and skepticism? The reason is simple: society is not currently structured to support long lives. Rather than thinking in terms of the needs of a rising number of older people, we must instead support the young and middle-aged to prepare differently for the longer futures they can expect.

The Longevity Imperative outlines the innovations needed to make the most of these longer lives: substantial changes to our health system, economy, and financial sector, as well as in how we manage our careers, health, finances, and relationships. Instead of seeing longevity as a problem, economist Andrew J. Scott challenges us to view it as an opportunity. This book charts a course to address the individual, social, political, economic, and cultural changes required so that all of us—regardless of age—can live lives that are not just longer but healthier, happier, and more productive.

Andrew’s website with more information on the book: The Longevity Imperative (Out March 2024) - Andrew J Scott

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Below is the introduction to the book:

Introduction-The-Longevity-Imperative-by-Andrew-Scott.pdf (73.5 KB)

Recent Videos of Andrew J. Scott:

The Longevity Imperative by Andrew J. Scott (Interview)

Jump to approx. 22 minutes into the video to get to where the interview starts:


Great idea in theory, but there are much bigger fish to fry when it comes to our current “society” if you can call it that.