The Latest Updates in Longevity Research with Dr. Eric Verdin (Buck Institute)

He believes Rapamycin is the first and best drug to extend human lifespan at this time.

This episode of Longevity by Design features an interview with Dr. Eric Verdin—the CEO of The Buck Institute. The Buck Institute was the first center dedicated to aging research, and many discoveries within the aging field have come out of this research center. For this episode, Dr. Verdin, Dr. Blander, and Ashely Reaver sat down in person to discuss the latest updates in longevity research.


Great interview!
Two important get aways, get your basics sorted (nutrition, exercise, sleep, social connection, stress management). And no pill is a replacement for the basics.


Eric Verdin of Buck posted a new paper on rapamycin on Feb 28, calling it a significant paper on rapamycin:

  1. Rapamycin inhibits the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR), potentially extending lifespan.
  2. Activation of S6 kinase (S6K) in Drosophila fat-body blocks rapamycin’s lifespan extension.
  3. Syntaxin 13 links TORC1–S6K signaling to lysosome morphology and reduced inflammaging.
  4. Age-related inflammaging is higher in females than males.
  5. Rapamycin treatment in mice prevents age-related increases in noncanonical NF-κB signaling.
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Yes - Anti-ageing drug rapamycin improves immune function through endolysosomes

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