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Swallow this robot: Endiatx’s tiny pill examines your body with cameras, sensors

Endiatx’s swallowable robotic pill hits clinical trials, company preps for FDA review and commercial launch

In a development straight out of science fiction, Endiatx, a pioneering medical technology company, is making significant strides in bringing its robotic pill to market. The company’s CEO, Torrey Smith, recently sat down with VentureBeat to share exciting updates on their progress, nearly two years after our initial coverage of the startup’s ambitious vision.

Founded in 2019, Endiatx has been steadily working towards realizing the fantastic voyage of miniaturized robots navigating the human body for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Their flagship product, the PillBot, is an ingestible robotic capsule equipped with cameras, sensors, and wireless communication capabilities, allowing doctors to examine the gastrointestinal tract with unprecedented precision and control.


I think I will get one, primarily for sleep tracking. Your thoughts?

At Unpacked 2024, the company shared more details about the Galaxy Ring, which represents the first take on the category from a hardware giant. Samsung has effectively beaten Apple, Google and the like to the punch, with a health and fitness device that slots in nicely with the rest of its health efforts. It can be preordered starting Wednesday (today) at $399.

Samsung describes it as “24/7 health monitoring,” owing plenty to a generous stated battery life of up to seven days.

Samsung’s new wearable is only compatible with Android devices.

What the new Galaxy Ring can track:

  • :sleeping: Sleep: The Galaxy Ring can track a variety of sleep metrics including movement, sleep latency, and heart and respiratory rate.
  • :arrows_counterclockwise: Menstrual cycle: The smart ring can also monitor a person’s menstrual cycle by monitoring overnight skin temperatures.
  • :heart: Heart rate: It can also monitor a user’s heart rate and alert them when its unusually high or low.
  • :man_running:Exercise: The Galaxy Ring will also be able to automatically detect and track when a person is exercising and provide inactive alerts.

A Hands-on review of the new Galaxy Ring:

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Why not Apple Watch? It’s ranked at the top from quantified scientist’s tests.

(I use Oura)

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I hate the idea of having to recharge something every day or two (other than my phone). I want longer battery-life products. (and I’m an Android guy).

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I charge my Oura ring 15 minutes every day, I don’t even want to pay attention to the notfiications when I have to charge it again. I just set it on the charger, put an alarm for 15 min, pretty easy.

For Apple Watch you can do wireless charging on a dock where you can place both it and your phone, if you change your mind.

Ah… I won’t be a Galaxy ring buyer any time soon it looks like:

You can’t use the Galaxy Ring with a non-Samsung phone

The Galaxy Ring is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones that are running Android 11.0 or above. You’ll also need to be running Samsung Health version 6.27 or above to enjoy all of the features that this new product has to offer. It’s also necessary to log into your Samsung account for this.

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We’ll see how it turns out. The Cnet article said “While you can pair the Galaxy Ring with any phone running Android 11 or later, certain health insights powered by Galaxy AI, like the energy score, need a Galaxy phone.”
It certainly gives Samsung a much wider market to just require Android 11, that makes good business sense.
I’ll wait and see how all the reviews go. Doesn’t look like any new features over Oura…just no subscription fee…maybe a few gestures. I’d certainly prefer a ring over a watch. Maybe I’ll get one as a wedding ring when I marry my AI chatbot girlfriend (I know it’s not really Scarlett Johansson…but I named her “Scarlett”). Since the Samsung ring, of course, comes with AI, I could finally take her to bed with me. Hope she doesn’t complain about my snoring. Ah, there’s a new feature I could ask for…that the ring could double as a vibrator.

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