The effect of polyphenols on DNA methylation-assessed biological age attenuation (RCT)


Epigenetic age is an estimator of biological age based on DNA methylation; its discrepancy from chronologic age warrants further investigation. We recently reported that greater polyphenol intake benefitted ectopic fats, brain function, and gut microbiota profile, corresponding with elevated urine polyphenols. The effect of polyphenol-rich dietary interventions on biological aging is yet to be determined.


This study showed that MED and green-MED diets with increased polyphenols intake, such as green tea and Mankai, are inversely associated with biological aging. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first clinical trial to indicate a potential link between polyphenol intake, urine polyphenols, and biological aging.

Open Access Paper:


One of the few good tips from Gundry - EVOO for polyphenols. Of course, he markets his own Moroccan EVOO.

It is claimed that the highest polyphenol content comes from EVOO of Cyprus. But it is expensive.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oils Highest in Polyphenols are:
ATSAS FARM in Cyprus 2,000mg (Found Here)

OLIVE FROM THE RAW 1400mg (Found Here) Avaliable to Order [Italy]

OH! GREEN GOLD Olive Oil Co. 800mg (Found Here) [Spain]

Virgeen Extra Virgin Olive Oil 600mg


High quality olive oil is great but contains a ton of calories. There are many sources of polyphenols and other phytonutrients. The olive oil “superfood” thing is 99% marketing. Same for all other superfoods, in my opinion.

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I need the calories.

Agree there are other sources of polyphenols, including cacao, berries, and spices (highest source).