The common longevity dose regime for Rapamycin

I’m trying to understand what the common longevity dose regime of rapamycin is in the rapa community so that we better can navigate in this self experimenting area where the science studies are still lacking.

The attached image is what I have come up until now and it shows that the most common longevity dose regime is weekly dosing based on what 282 persons are doing. It would be interesting to hear how your current dose regime of rapamycin looks like.

Here are some questions.

  1. What dose regime of Rapamycin are you taking?

  2. Are you taking it on empty stomach or with grapefruit juice, fatty food or something else to increase the effective dose?

  3. How long have you been taking rapamycin?

  4. Have you felt any side effects?

  5. What is your current weight? (The purpose of this question is help out in creating a rough formula for how big the dose usually is depending on weight)

If you have any other interesting information to share to the longevity community just add that to the comment also :pray:


Better use body surface area then (you can find many calculators online)


Interesting, do you have any calculator to recommend that you think is good?

eg this one?

Currently I take 6 mg bi-weekly 1 hr after drinking 8 oz fresh squeezed white GFJ.

I have been taking rapa for two years. Started taking 3mg per week (no GFJ or fat). Titrated up to 6mg weekly, went to current regimen six months ago.

Only side effects were mouth sores early on. None as I titrated up. Lipids are great. Actually got better on rapa. One concern is that latest labs showed slightly low lymphocytes (white blood cells). May be an anomaly and unrelated but will monitor.

I am 66 and weigh 150 (5’7”)


Wt: 235lb
Ht: 5’9"
Do i divide or mutiply

I now take rapamune…
When i first took it wow…
It was like an ice cold glass of coolade

I tried to calculator but I don’t understand how it works. What is for example a classic longevity dose for me? Weight 74 kg and height 179.

Big thanks for sharing your rapamycin journey! When you got the mouth sores did you take a pause or temporary decrease the dose or how did you handle it when you got it?

What dose in mg of rapamune are you taking? Are you taking it once every week or every other week or some other interval?

FWIW I now take 12mg/wk Rapamune with 25g olive oil. At 72.5kg that is 0.15mg/kg and corresponds to the TRIAD dosing protocol.

My reading suggests that Rapamune out performs all other forms of the drug with respect to oral bioavailability. .

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There is no classical dose but with the body surface and dose you can best calculate what people are using. My body surface area is 1.9m² but I haven’t settled on a dose yet. I took 10 mg with grapefruit juice yesterday, so far so good…

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I listen to Dr Peter Attia’s podccast (highly recommend). Dr Attia talked about getting mouth sores and said that he had a real problem with them but that he stopped getting them after, I think he said, about six months. So I stayed the course, kept at the same dose, and mine stopped in about half that time. They never came back even as I titrated up.


Superinteresting, what types of rapamycin have you tested? Can you share those results in a new thread here on I think many would be interesting to see what you have found regarding the bioavailability.

Regarding you taking rapamycin, you haven’t felt any side effects?

Ah, ok, I thought those calculator would give some indication on the longevity dose regime. I’m a developer my plan is to develop application that will help in different ways in the longevity area. One thing that could be interesting to have in that application is a simple longevity dose calculator that is optimized the more data it has. If you find any such calculator let me know and I will take a look at it.

The body is incredible in how it adapts to different things. Big thanks again for sharing and keep us updated if you do any change or do any insight in your rapamycin journey!

Regarding the body surface calculator. Curious question, what is your weight and height?

76kg 185cm but when my gf prescribes chemo to her patients, she doesn’t use those number but the calculator I gave you

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Thanks for pointing that out but I think the height parameter can be a good parameter to take into account when creating a longevity dose regime calculator. If you have any other ideas on parameters just let me know <3

height probably comes pretty close but apparently the body surface area works better (for stuff like chemo therapy) but most of us here are probably pretty lean and athletic already so not a big difference between the height and body surface area coefficients

For you I have to say is just do it, scheduling 2mg, 2mg, 4mg, 6mg once per week won’t kill you

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