The Boundless Anabolic Response to Protein Post-Exercise - Study

Healthspan Research Review | The Boundless Anabolic Response to Protein Post-Exercise?

For years, a pervasive myth in nutrition and fitness circles has been that the human body can only utilize up to 30 grams of protein in a single sitting. This belief has shaped dietary guidelines and influenced the eating habits of athletes and health-conscious individuals alike. However, new research is turning this notion on its head, suggesting that there may be no definitive upper limit to how our bodies respond to protein ingestion. This latest study marks a significant shift in our understanding of protein metabolism, particularly in the context of post-exercise recovery. It reveals that consuming increasingly larger amounts of protein leads to a corresponding increase in protein absorption, muscle protein synthesis rates, and overall whole-body protein balance. These findings not only challenge the long-held belief in a strict protein utilization limit but also open up new avenues in nutritional science and dietary planning. This article aims to delve into the nuances of this study, examining how it reshapes our understanding of protein metabolism and its practical implications for everyday nutrition and athletic performance.


Fascinating study but the one potentially confounding factor is that I believe they used casein protein which is metabolized at a much slower rate than whey which could account for the continued protein synthesis over 12 hours.


Great review.

In their test group they performed 60-minute resistance training session. This included a 5-minute cycling warm-up, followed by four sets of 10 repetitions across a range of exercises like leg presses, leg extensions, lat pulldowns, and chest presses. These exercises were performed at 80% of the participants’ one-repetition maximum, ensuring a significant level of muscular engagement.

Very similar to my typical every other day workout. Afterwards, I enjoy a pound of steak… typically T-bone… a large glass of whole milk and a loaded baked potato (sour cream… cheese and butter). This has been a consistent every other day night meal for past 7 years at least. Muscle strength :muscle: tone and size maintained.

Following my body’s feeling of health kept me on this exercise meal plan. Looks like I was right.

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