Testosterone Replacement for Older Men

Yh it is inconsistent with the rest of the data. My unqualified opinion is that for a male who is in excellent health there probably is a very little if any appreciable decline in testosterone but aging walks hand in hand with poorer health for 99% of the population so we will see a decline.

They exclude people with endocrine disorders, people with chronic illness, and people on HRT so it is not too surprising that their results differ slightly from those taken from the population at large. It would be interesting to dig further into the data and see what nationalities the study participants were.


Why not juste use an AI like exemestane everyday to improve testosterone level? I’ve just read some study in with daily taking 25mg of exemestane increase testosterone level and free testosterone by a lot, and do not crashes oestradil level.


Seems pretty risky. I wouldn’t mess with estrogen without a sensitive estradiol test first. I’ve had crashed estradiol twice, and it feels like death. Before I started TRT was one of those times because my testosterone was so low there wasn’t much to aromatize. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had added an AI on top of that.

There’s a lot of discussion on this site and some in this thread about the longevity benefits of estrogen. The subjective benefits are great also, as long as it doesn’t go too high. IMHO, there are better options.


I also can’t think of a single hormone where a LOW level is healthy. Nobody feels better with low testosterone, low thyroid, low estradiol, low dhea, low IGF1, low pregnenolone, etc.

A super low level in any of those promotes worse outcomes.


DHT can be kept at relatively low levels in most tissues and it’s still unkown whether or not low IGF1 levels are beneficial for health- and lifespan. Other than that, I agree.

I haven’t looked into low DHT so I won’t comment on that but low IGF1 is linked to higher risk of cardiovascular disease
New insights on the cardiovascular effects of IGF-1 - PMC (nih.gov)
IGF-1 and Cardiovascular Disease - PMC (nih.gov)
Low serum IGF1 is associated with hypertension and predicts early cardiovascular events in women with rheumatoid arthritis | BMC Medicine | Full Text (biomedcentral.com)

Also diabetes, osteoporosis, and sarcopenia
Association between IGF‐1 levels ranges and all‐cause mortality: A meta‐analysis - PMC (nih.gov).)

Both too low and too high IGF1 linked with all cause mortality
IGF-1 and Risk of Morbidity and Mortality From Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, and All Causes in EPIC-Heidelberg | The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism | Oxford Academic (oup.com)


How does this contextually have anything with what we are talking about in this thread?

The discussions are in no way about getting to high levels, but back to moderate levels.

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Very interesting. Do you have a study handy?


I find it interesting
Currently using 12.5mg a day, my oestradiol level went from 32pg/mL to 23pg/mL. Gyno still there but no longer hurts. I’m gonna increase to dosage to 25mg daily.

Yes, I am writing this from a high-security prison. Very perceptive of you. But the way you and others here have reacted so defensively to a casual observation suggests that I must have touched a nerve. It is a fact that high testosterone is associated with irritability and aggressiveness, which can lead to violence. Not always and in everyone, but often enough to be the concern of numerous research papers. This should be obvious to all but the oblivious.

@SNK I read your pathetic post before you deleted it. No, I am not gay. The accusation says more about you than it does about me.

This is only a weak observational study from a population that is already prone to low impulse control and violence.


It is one study out of hundreds. Your virility is making you myopic.

@SNK …normal,you aren’t…and I know you think it’s a cute trick to post something and then delete it…but as I’m sure you know, people can still see it by clicking the red pencil at the top. I’m sorry I did that because that post was certainly obnoxious enough to get you banned again.
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Not that I necessarily disagree with the theory that higher testosterone levels are problematic. There is a great book I’ve read by Robert Sapolsky, a Stanford neuro-endocrinologist, I recommend people check out:



nm0897-926.pdf (1.5 MB)


You say something that is not sensible and have been told why that is so repeatedly.

And it is contextually absolutely nothing to do with this discussion, so it is implicitly insulting to assume we are trying to “max out.” But I guess you did not get that you are being offensive, right?

I had no idea where you are, and it was not the point of the post in any case.

Your comparisons to criminals are not at all reasonable for obvious reasons. But if you want, please feel that you have figured us all out and feel good about it…I guess?

Exactly. And why are we even talking about this in the first place?

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