Testing protocols for patients on rapamycin

I’m interested in what protocols people have in place for following patients who are on rapamycin and what best practice should be.


I have only recently started prescribing rapamycin for patients.
My current approach is:
Prescribe for people who self select by either approaching me directly or after being pointed towards research, come back expressing interest.

I am getting baseline bloods which include FBC, U+E, LFT, CRP, Lipids, Glucose, Insulin, and A1c

Patients are prescribed 2mg Rapamune and asked to take 2mg week one and then increase by 2mg weekly until full dose is reached and then maintain a weekly dose. Full dose depends on weight, gender and age but it’s been around the 6mg mark so far.

I have been doing further bloods at 1 month of the full dose out of an abundance of caution and then plan to follow up at 3-6 month intervals.

Of course this is as part of a more holistic approach to working on exercise, diet and sleep.