Test of berberine quality by NOW

Below are highlights of this testing group, as well as detailed assay results:

  • The products chosen were purchased from both Amazon and Walmart.com in early November 2023. These brands were picked because they are less known and sold almost entirely on these platforms. We have avoided testing health food store brands or practitioner brands as being less of a concern.
  • The results of this round of testing showed serious levels of low potencies with every brand testing below 100% potency, except NOW. Seven brands did contain over 80% labeled potency and three brands contained 90-97% potency.
  • NOW has tested some of the same brands previously, while testing other categories, and found similar problems. aSquared brand has failed eight different rounds of product testing and has the worst record for potencies tested among all brands.
  • 18 of the 33 brands tested contained less than 40% of labeled potency. That’s more than half of all brands tested that didn’t even contain a mediocre 40% level of potency.
  • 7 of the 33 tested samples had 1% or less of Berberine potency in each product. It appears that all of these seriously flawed brands were tested for the first time in NOW’s testing program and may be new brands. These include Earth Bare, Greabby Gummies, GreenPeople Formula, KoNefancy, Satoomi, Vitamiscence & Wellness Labs Rx.


Test of berberine quality by NOW

This came in an email from Fullscript. Sorry if analysis has already been posted.

I’m using Dihydroberberine now for better bioavailability.

“ Dihydroberberine (dhBBR) is a derivative of berberine (BBR) that is more bioavailable and has improved efficacy. It is designed to promote cardiovascular health, balanced LDL cholesterol, and healthy blood glucose. DHB is up to five times more bioavailable and two times longer lasting than berberine. Once absorbed by the intestine, DHB rapidly converts to berberine in the blood.”