Tendonitis Treatment Help

My friend (and courier) from India is suffering from tendonitis. Does anyone have any ideas how she can best treat this?

I’m still suffering from tendonitis in my hand 8+ months later. I got a steroid shot a month ago, but somehow only JUST got a reaction this weekend

I would like to know too!
I had terrible tendonitis in my left upper arm and elbow for more than a year few years ago. Nothing helped, or nothing helped in short run. But it made me miserable and I quit most sports, gained some weight but most importantly lost bunch of muscles. Since two years I am back in the game but started to develop tendinitis in the right tricep. I hope few days of rest will be enough. I hope that fast action will be enough. I ignored it in the other arm for a while and then it was just too blown up I guess. But it is just a speculation.

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I had tennis elbow a couple of years ago. It takes a long time to get rid of. If he plays racket sports, it probably originate from the shoulder. I could not even lift a cup of coffee with my right hand when it was the worst. I chatted with a Spanish tennis trainer, he recommended me to train my shoulders first and foremost. And when I was capable I should do dead hang twice a day. I followed his advice and now I am 99% good.
There is no quick fix on this issue, your friend must be patent. Dead hang heals your upper body quicker than anything else.

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Funny enough I noticed my tricep tendonitis while doing dead hang on gymnastic rings. I was hanging and then tried to do some left and right leg crunches and I noticed a sharp pain I know. So maybe more dead hangs?
I noticed that my shoulder joint is not moving smoothly a month or so ago and that maybe my right shoulder is harder to put flat on the ground when doing yoga before my tendonitis pain started…

She was wondering if the peptide BPC 157 would help?

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NIR / Red light therapy has helped my tendon pain. In particular, my golfers elbow disappeared immediately after using my lamp. Stretching, massage, physical therapy helped but did not solve it. I also have shoulder issues that need periodic lamp work to keep healthy.


The “pin firing” chin up protocol for elbow tendonitis has some advocates. I have never tried it.

Chin-ups for golfers elbow - the right way?.

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The $120 ultrasound machine from China works pretty well for me. Don’t forget to buy the goo, doesn’t work without it.

Hold it on the tight tendon until pain level 6, for a couple minutes. Let it heal a few days then do it again. This actually works.

Fasting on the day you do Rapa works pretty well too.

Staying off helps too, but who can not use their right arm.

If you want to use a supp, I would try the 4 herb synergy liposomal. I actually think it helps.